When you feel overwhelmed and need to calm down

This post was updated on 25/02/22

Do you feel overwhelmed? Maybe a feeling of not being in control? I know the feeling. It happens to me when there is lots to do, I may be out of my usual routine, I haven’t slept well and I just don’t know where to start, because priorities seem different. In fact that was me this morning. EVERYTHING was frustrating! I kept thinking that I have lots to do but couldn’t focus because I felt worried that I might not be working on the right thing. Ah and maybe I should just tidy the kitchen while I …..right stop!

When you are in that state and it is very likely you are feeling tired or stressed. You’re not going to be productive like that. so you’re better off not trying to tackle any of the things in your head at that time. Instead what do I suggest?

Get outside and get moving

Yes I know, it is probably the last thing you feel like doing. Getting outside, having fresh air is so good for the soul. If you are interesting in reading about my walk in nature, this week, it’s here.

I really didn’t feel like a walk today, I wasn’t sure I had the energy and I certainly thought I would be thinking about my to-do list. (Even though my mind was all over the place, too much to actually concentrate to do anything!) However I had only been walking a couple of minutes before I could feel my mood lifting. If you can’t manage a walk, sit outside take some deep breaths of clean air and you’ll still notice a difference


This is a great exercise when you feel overwhelmed. Take pen to paper. Have some gentle music on and a candle lit too if that’s your thing. Then write whatever comes into your head. Do not overthink what you write, it doesn’t have to be structured. It is about getting things out of your head and onto the page. Just that process alone, brings calm, control and clarity. Three things that I love to have in my life! I’ve found it is a great way to work out and through what is bothering me. I’ve also been able to find solutions as I’ve been writing. I’ve also written more about journaling here

Self-Care and Time Out

I will always promote this. So although the ideas above could fall under the idea of self-care too, what I mean here is this. Acknowledging that you feel overwhelmed, a possible walk and/or journaling; those are all activities that can be tiring in different ways, including emotionally tiring. What you might need now is to replenish that energy bank a little.

  • Have a cup of tea and read a magazine.
  • Watch a funny or uplifting film
  • Call a friend

Feel rested, calm and more in control? It’s time to go thrive in life again! I hope you have felt this was a good place to start, if you are not feeling bright. Nothing lasts forever. You can turn things around, feel more refreshed and ready for life again.

I want to hear from you, what do you do when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed?

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Take care

Tina x

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